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Copyrighting Your Songs and Lyrics

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Copyrighting your songs and lyrics

I have a busy day today as I am sending off my song lyrics to have them copyrighted.

There are many ways in which you can copyright stuff.

I do believe that in the U K as soon as you have produced something then you own the copyright to it. The USA and maybe other countries might be a bit different. But sometimes it is not as simple as that. I also believe that you cannot copyright an idea.

People say that you can post your song to yourself and then keep the unopened envelope safe somewhere as the date stamp will say when it was produced. But now people say this is not fool proof.

As mentioned there are many companies who will copyrighting of your songs and their lyrics for you. The U K. Gov site has some interesting information on copyright. CLICK HERE

I have copyrighted some of my songs with The U K Songwriting Contest website. CLICK HERE

If you cannot find their page then contact them. It could be with their sister sites SongU or SubmitYourSong.

I now use The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers to register the copyright of my songs and lyrics. You can do it by post or online and there are good instructions on the site on how to do it. You must be a member and if you co-write with anyone then they too must be a member. CLICK HERE.

The SongAcademy does some good workshops on song writing. One of their mentors said that one of his songs was copied by someone in Japan, I do believe. Instead of suing them he got a solicitor to write a letter and ask for royalties. So you do not necessarily have to sue someone who steals your work. You may earn more money by getting them to agree to giving you a share of the royalties and your work will still be getting out there. CLICK HERE for The Song Academy website.

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