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Fish and Chips

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Fish and Chips

So today’s shopping was a bit of an experience to say the least!

I am slowly using up stuff in the freezer.

I took out some frozen leftover chicken and after it had defrosted I read the label! ‘Cook from frozen’!. So threw that away. Took out a pie that I had frozen from the supermarket and then realised that before they had said the hot pies should not be frozen. So threw that out!

Then went to the supermarket to get some ready made chips for a quick meal with the defrosted fish and they did not have any! They only had fries. Bought them but while scanning at the self service found one packet was damaged and fries falling out. Called the supervisor to sort that out. Coupon would not go through either. Called the supervisor. to sort that out. Then had 2 x paracetamol - called the supervisor. Finally got through and scanned all the shopping and realised I had not bought any chutney to go with the cheese and bread rolls.

Loaded up the trolly and hoped I would not be stopped with people thinking I was going out with a trolly load of unpaid shopping. Luckily I had the till receipt. But the machine did not give me a receipt for the chutney!

Then off to get some antiseptic wipes as the supermarket did not have any. The automatic doors at the chemist were not automatic today!

Back home and everything put away. Opened back door to let the dog out to lay in the sun on the lawn and low and behold a neighbour has a bonfire. Smoke smells now all over the house.

I deserve a cuppa!

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