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How To Bless And Cleanse Your Deck And Make It Your Own

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

How To Bless And Cleanse Your Deck And Make It Your Own.

The person or persons who created your new deck of oracle or tarot cards would have gone to great lengths to make sure the deck was as pure as pure can be.

At every stage in the making of the new tarot or oracle card deck they would have blessed it and meditated on it and done all they could to ensure that the deck was perfect in every way.

Therein lies the problem. They, the creators would have done their very best and then the manufacturers and everyone else involved would have taken over.

The creators of the tarot or oracle card deck would probably have also blessed the cards on their journey to you. However things do sometimes happen that are beyond our control.

Your deck would have gone to the printers, manufacturers and through many other processes and journeys before it reached you.

The shop, the warehouse, the lorry and van drivers, the shop assistant. All these people would have handled your deck of cards.

It is human nature to have bad days and off days and so any one person on the journey of your deck of cards could have been in a bad mood and their bad mood would have had its energy imprint left on your deck of cards.

So one of the handlers could have been on drugs or alcoholic or a layabout or recently homeless - any number of scenarios that you can imagine in the life of a human being. Someone might have had an argument with their partner or boss.

This low energy, this low vibration, this negative energy and/or negative vibration will have been inlaid onto your deck of cards.

Not to worry. You can easily bless and cleanse your deck of tarot or angel cards as soon as it arrives and/or when you get it home, if you have bought it from a shop or bought it personally and not sent for it in the post.

You can bless everything and everyone connected to your deck. All you need to do is to say, "bless you" and it is done.

You can bless the manufacturers of the paper and packaging that your parcel was wrapped up in. The driver, the vehicle and maybe even the airline that brought your deck of cards to you. Just think of the number of people and companies involved in the making and delivering of your deck to you.

At a psychic fayre - the owner of the stall you bought it from - the organisers of the event - the owners of the building in which the psychic fayre took place.

Bless all these people and buildings and places and companies.

So now you have your deck of angel or tarot cards in front of you. Bless it before you unwrap it and then bless it at each stage of unwrapping. Unwrap it, unveil it as if it is a ceremony.

Maybe light a candle while you do it or play some gentle music while you do so.

Take the deck out of the box and look at the cards one by one, both from the back view and the front view.

Touch each card. You only need to touch each card on the corner as you bless it and this will work.

Look at the images.

Now take the deck and with the images facing you, hold the deck and fan it out a little bit and hold it to your heart area, your heart chakra.

Think of a little prayer and bless the cards.

You can blow on them as you bless them.

Some people hold the deck in one hand and tap it once with their other fist.

Some people hold the deck in one hand and flick it with their fingers.

Some people place a crystal on top of the deck. Please make sure the crystal itself has been blessed and cleansed.

Keep your deck in its original box along with the notebook and then place the whole box in a black or nicely coloured pouch or a pretty box.

The job is done. Your deck has been blessed and cleansed and you can now use it and the more you do so the more it will become your own.

A word of warning here - if you do a reading for someone and the cards seem all over the place or many come out reversed (although I do not do reversed cards any more, I keep them all up the same way) then it means your deck or angel or tarot cards needs bessing and cleansing once more.

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