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How To Choose Your Tarot or Oracle Card Deck

How To Choose Your Tarot or Oracle Card Deck.

So you've decided to buy a tarot card deck or an oracle card deck.

Which type do you choose?

It can be mind boggling.

These days tarot card decks and oracle card decks are much more, let's say, less frightening.

The original tarot deck has the death card in it and the hang man and many people find this rather frightening.

The last time I used this type of deck was when I did a reading for a friend and the death card came out. Now this card means CHANGE. It does not mean death or dying. it can mean change of job or abode or country or just change of anything. The death of something and the beginning of something new. Out with the old and in with the new.

I gave the reading to my friend and it was a jolly good reading. The death card actually meant she would no longer be taking her son to football training, which entailed early mornings, late evenings, weekends away from home and all that jazz.

Her son moved up a grade to a different club and got himself a car and drove himself to the football meets.

However, during that week her father died suddenly. Now my friend actually was over the moon about the card's prediction of her father's death. Although it did not predict her father's death as it was talking about her son and his football career. But I decided there and then not to use these cards any more and I began buying decks by Radleigh Valentine and other tarot deck creators.

These new types of decks are based on unicorns and dragons and crystals and such like. They do not have the actual death card or hangman in the. They have a kind of replacement. In other words the decks are not so scary to clients.

Many clients previously would turn up all nervous in case they got the death card. But this would only make the reading a sort of nervous or worried or stressful reading and it would bring out all the things my clients were stressed and anxious about instead of bringing out the good things in their future.

So, do bear this in mind when seeking a new or a first time tarot deck or oracle card deck.

Purchase an angel tarot deck or a dragon tarot deck or a crystal tarot deck. These decks usually do have 78 cards in them and they work just as well and if not better than the old and traditional type of deck.

Once you get used to your new deck and make it your own - which I will put in another blog later on.

Oracle card decks generally have 44 cards in them and they are based also on angels, unicorns, flowers, crystals and such like.

So where to buy them:

New Age shops.

Online - eBay and Amazon or do a Google search.

Psychic fayres.

Some craft fayres and the very large agricultural shows may have new age stalls amongst the many other stalls.

I would suggest that you purchase your own deck and not have someone buy it for you as a gift. Unless, of course you let them know which one it is you want.

How to decide - just go with your gut instincts. You will be drawn to the deck/s that suit you the most.

You can, of course, do an eeny, meeny, miny, moe and just pick any old deck and then make it your own.

Whichever one you choose it will be the right one for you.

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