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I Wear Many Hats or is it Aprons

hats and aprons

I realised the other day that I wear many hats throughout the day or maybe many aprons.

I am a very busy person with a home to look after, dog and husband. I am also a writer, and psychic medium.

I get up in the morning and put on my yellow apron and begin my chores of maybe washing the dishes from the night before - if I did not do them just before going to bed. And, no, I don't have a dishwasher and hubby is not the dishwasher either.

A few years back now we downsized from a large four bedroomed home to a two up-two down cottage. It is neat and compact. We did this in order to get rid of the mortgage. Something I strongly recommend.

Back to washing the dishes. To save on the gas and electric now we use cold water far more often and I use a good detergent and also soak the dishes. If anything is greasy then I have to use hot water. I discovered that gas is cheaper than electricity and so I boil a saucepan of water on the gas rather than boil the electric kettle. I also do this for a cup of tea or coffee. I also found out that you do not have to have the water actually boiling for tea or coffee. Every little helps, as the caption goes.

So, here I am in the morning, letting the dog out so that he can pee all over the plants and annoy hubby. Then he might roll on the grass or dig a hole and bring mud back indoors. Hence the apron! I also might be doing a general tidy up while wearing my yellow apron.

When that is all done, and I generally have a cup of tea or three, and it all helps me to wake up - then I get onto my computer. The thing is that I realised the other day that I was wearing my apron while doing a psychic reading for someone.

I was taken back many years as my children are now grown up, married and have left the nest. But when I had my first child the midwife told me to wear my dressing gown for one week and that way my husband was more likely to think that I was tired or ill or in need of help in some way. She said it was a psychological thing and more husbands helped their wives with their first born if the wife wore a dressing gown.

So it occurred to me to sort of wear the right outfit while working. My apron while doing chores and my nice outfits for when I was actually working from home and doing psychic readings or writing a romance novel on my trusty computer.

When the covid pandemic and lockdown hit us many people either had to stay at home or work from home. I recall seeing photos on Facebook and social media of bank managers still in their dressing gowns and doing a conference call.

Anyway I decided to only wear my apron when the job necessitated it. However, I must tell you that here I am writing this blog post and I am wearing my bright yellow apron!

The thing is that I have had to run downstairs a few times to complete jobs that entails wearing my yellow apron and then dash upstairs again to my computer to complete other tasks.

Sometimes the computer can be a bit slow and so I leave it to do its thing and hurry back down to complete another chore while the computer sorts itself out. This stops me from swearing at the computer or from wanting to get a hammer and bash it one or throw it out the window!

I don't know if it is because we live in a small town but the internet can be a bit intermittent at times. We also live near the Derbyshire Dales and so maybe that has something to do with it. I know we are always getting text messages from our provider saying they are sorting out the lines or cables or what-have-you in this area.

Also, a while back, when I was walking my dog and taking a short cut to the public footpath that led to the open countryside I went around the outside of the new swimming pool and leisure centre that they are building here. My dog is a Border Collie and has very sensitive ears. The men were working hard with all kinds of mechanical equipment and the noise upset Mitch, so I took a diversion and noticed a box on the pavement that houses all those wires and cables for the internet. It had been raided. I do not know if it was just vandalism or if someone could actually get free internet somehow. So that may be one reason why the internet can be slow of even off sometimes around here. Maybe it is the same where you are. I have the dreaded beach ball going round all the time as we speak!

That also reminds me of when I was out walking and I saw an electrical cable coming through an open window of one house and going across the road and in an open window of the house opposite. Several people were sitting around watching the t v. Football, maybe. I wondered if, in these times of crises were they sharing the electric bill? Had one family been cut off from their electricity. You never know. I have sympathy for them because it happened to me many moons ago.

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