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Keep Your Energy High

I was chatting to a client the other day.

Let me call him Joe.

He has been a regular customer of mine for many years now.

He phoned me as he was about to go to an important business meeting.

I asked how I could help him and his reply was:

"I am setting up a business meeting today to sort out my business and make it work and make it profitable once and for all."

"How can I help?" I asked.

"I want to know what the spirits are telling you about it."

Whenever I have given Joe a reading his lovely granddad comes through with expert advice.

However, today I told Joe straight - "You have answered your own question here."

Joe had used his own words and said he was "going to sort his business out, once and for all and make it a profitable one."

Previously, he told me there had been a lot of back stabbing, theft and all manner of bad goings on in the business with his employees and directors and this was the day he was going to sort it out and have no more nonsense.

Now, would spirit have told him he was wasting his time?

Would spirit have told him to carry on as before?

I wonder?

Here was Joe all fired up ready to sort things out and so therefore I would imagine the spirits and the angels would be on his side cheering him on.

In the past Joe had had a bit of bad luck and low self esteem but we had been working on that together and he now felt far more successful in every area of his life.

I think Joe phoned me really for a bit of reassurance.

But, as mentioned above, I told him he had answered his own question and if he went into the meeting with the same mindset as when he had first phoned me then all would be well - he would succeed at his endeavour - which was to sort his business out, once and for all and make it a profitable business as it once was.

When you have choices to make or decisions to make or really tough board meetings to go to, then it is very important to keep your energy high.

Joe had phoned me, in the first instance, and I could feel that his energy was high. He was determined to sort this out, once and for all.

There are many ways of keeping your energy high or raising your energy.

Bob up and down on a seat. This is fun and can make you laugh.

Laughing also makes you energy high.

Clap your hands. Congratulate yourself.

Rub your hands hard together.

Jump up and down.

Sing and dance and act the fool and be a clown for a few minutes and make yourself laugh and have a funny five minutes.

Go outside into nature.

Tell jokes.

Watch a comedy.

Drink gallons of coffee until you actually feel you are ready to - go get 'em.

You may find other ways of getting energy high - having sex can be one of them. (But don't do it in the office or during office hours!)

Being energy high will help you make good choices and good decisions.

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