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Love Your Body

Recently and probably a lot of the time during lockdown I have been sitting down more than usual. I am a writer and writers tend to sit at their typewriters for hours at a time. Hence I may have put on a few pounds here and there.

I recently went to visit my younger daughter and her family as lockdown rules had lifted somewhat.

I was sitting at the table and I cannot remember what we were talking about but I mentioned my fat stomach. My daughter then said in an unpatronising way that every body part is lovely and that they and their children love all their body parts.

This made me sit up and think - yes, we should love all our body parts.

Maybe that is why some parts of us stay fat for longer because we do not love those parts, just the way they are.

"What you fight is what you produce more of." People have been fighting cancer and poverty for donkeys' years and cancer and poverty are still here.

So fighting to get rid of what we might think of as ugly fatty bits only makes those fat bits become more permanent simply because that is what we are focussing upon.

That day at the table I grabbed my stomach and wobbled it and showed my grand children my wobbly tummy and we all laughed.

Love all of you - the fat bits, the thin bits, the scarred bits and any other bits. Every part of you is lovable.

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