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When you've got money you are happy. When you have no money, then you are very unhappy and stressed and worried.

I know. I've been there. I have been down to my last penny, literally. We, as a family were eating toast for breakfast, a jacket potato for dinner and a jacket potato again for tea. The potatoes were pig feed. We had pigs and we bought giant potatoes on which to feed them. I would go to the yard each morning and pick some potatoes from the pile of pig feed for us to eat that day. I know what it is like to have no money to feed myself, my kids and my animals. Luckily for me I rose up and eventually got out of that situation. It can be done. It really can be done.

Here is a valuable You Tube video regarding money.

It also clearly shows you The Modern Energy Chart (The Sue Scale).

If you are interested the look up The Guild of Energists and all the tuition and healing techniques that are available when you learn about energy. I have no affiliate links to these videos, I make no money from advertising this stuff.

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