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Readings That Go Wrong

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

I was chatting to a lady the other day.

She owns a beauty parlour. She knows I am a medium and we just happened to meet and she began asking me questions.

She told me that a few years back now she had gone to a psychic fair and had a reading from someone.

She told me she did not like the reading and she came away feeling very uncomfortable.

I asked her about the reading and she told me the medium had asked if she had lost a child. She said she had not.

The medium then asked if she had had a serious illness and she said she had not.

The medium then asked if she had moved house in a hurry and she said she had not.

Then the medium told my friend that she had the spirit of her mother with her and she was coming through extremely strongly.

My friend then said she did not want to continue with the reading as it had made her feel so uncomfortable and she left the psychic fair. She did pay the lady though.

Now what happened here?

What went wrong?

My friend then told me that all the questions the medium had asked related to her mother. Her mother had had a serious illness, lost a child and moved house in a hurry.

So, maybe with hindsight, and if either or both the psychic and the enquirer had known more then this could have been resolved amicably.

The medium was right on track but did not ask if these questions related to her mother, when she got a 'no' from her client.

My friend did not say that her mother had lost a child and all the answers applied to her mother and not her.

As her mother was coming through so strongly then one would assume the medium would ask herself questions and think that she may be picking up the mother and not the client.

It is quite sad when things like this happen. When a reading goes wrong. Mediums and psychics do have to learn by experience and by their mistakes.

But I feel that both medium and client missed out on a lovely reading that day.

Had my friend not stopped the reading there and then, then maybe the medium might have realised what was happening.

Some spirits do come across as very strong and powerful and with lots of energy and they can take over the reading and not allow any other spirit people to come through or take over the whole thirty mins or so and there is then no time left for the other spirits to come through.

I do feel it is fine for both mediums and clients to ask questions.

I often work by asking questions.

The spirit that is coming through may even ask me to ask my client a question.

Or I may see, let's say a log fire. And then I might ask my client if they can understand why I am seeing a log fire. This is how I work and it is human nature to work like this.

Sometimes it can be rather awkward or distracting to see a log fire clairvoyantly and then have to think of how to phrase what you are going to say.

"I am being shown a log fire and so I feel your dad liked to sit by a log fire."

The client will then have to say yes, or no.

I generally ask my clients to say 'yes' or 'no' as spirit work to their voice. Spirit hear what they are saying and respond.

So my client might say 'no' - she cannot recall anyone who had a log fire. Then spirit might tell me it is not dad but it is granddad. Or ask if she recalls going away camping one weekend when she was little and dad lighting a log fire.

You can see how difficult or complicated it can be for spirit, clients and psychic mediums alike.

I do not think mediums and clairvoyants get it wrong all the time - I feel they sometimes just make a mistake. They might think they hear a word and it is another word. And one word can make a whole lot of difference to a sentence!

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