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Tapesty of Life

If you were to visit a stately home and see a giant tapestry that took up a whole wall then you would have to stand back quite some way in order to see the whole tapestry.

The closer you get to the tapestry the less you can see of the whole.

If you were to go right up to the tapestry and almost place your nose upon it then you might see one golden thread. That golden thread will be woven in and out of the tapestry and you may be able to follow that golden thread as it weaves in and out of the whole tapestry.

That golden thread represents you-weaving in and out and joining up with all the other threads (people) in order to make the whole.

So, you see the whole of life and everyone in it and all the events and circumstances throughout history are like a tapestry. They are all joined together as one. However we cannot see the whole because we would have to stand so far back. And we cannot see exactly where we fit in because we would have to have our nose touching the tapestry all the time and we would therefore not be able to see the bigger picture.

However we can imagine this happening. We can know that this is what life is all about. We can know that we are all part of the whole. We are all joined together like one great big tapestry of life.

It is said that if a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world then a breeze is felt in another part of the world.

The air you breathe out, someone will breathe in tomorrow, somewhere else on this planet.

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