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Tips on How to Begin Reading Angel Cards for Friends and Family:

Here are some tips on how to begin reading angel cards for friends and family:

1. **Choose a deck of angel cards that you feel drawn to.** There are many different decks available, so take some time to browse and find one that speaks to you.

2. **Spend some time getting to know your deck.** Shuffle the cards and look at the images. What do you see? What feelings do the cards evoke?

3. **Ask for guidance from your angels.** Before you begin reading for others, take a moment to ask your angels for guidance. Ask them to help you connect with the highest good of your friends and family.

4. **Set an intention for your reading.** What do you hope to achieve with your reading? Are you looking for guidance, support, or healing?

5. **Choose a spread that is appropriate for your question.** There are many different spreads available, so choose one that is appropriate for the question you are asking.

6. **Interpret the cards intuitively.** Don't worry about getting the "right" interpretation. Just trust your intuition and let the cards speak to you.

7. **Be respectful of your friends and family's privacy.** Only share information that you are comfortable with.

8. **End the reading with a blessing.** Thank your angels for their guidance and send your friends and family love and light.

Here are some additional tips:

* Be patient. It takes time to develop your intuition and learn how to read angel cards.

* Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you get stuck, ask a friend, family member, or experienced reader for guidance.

* Have fun! Reading angel cards is a great way to connect with your angels and receive guidance and support.

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