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U K Songwriting Contest Placement

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

My song -TRAIN TO NOWHERE -gained 4STARS **** and COMMENDED in the International Song Writing Contest 2020 - Country Music Lyrics Section.

I am absolutely thrilled to bits as this is my first ever attempt at entering a song writing competition.

4STARS ****

Fours Star songs show a good understanding of songwriting form, composition and songwriting ability, but in the opinion of the judges these songs are not as strong as the five star songs and they are not usually considered for Semi Finalist positions. These songwriters demonstrate a good knowledge of the craft songwriting and show definite songwriting ability. This is regarded as a very good rating by the judges. Four Star songs may be awarded a Commended Entry Certificate in cases where the songwriting ability and talent demonstrated by the writers deserves this recognition in the opinion of the judges.

This song also gained 3 STARS *** in the lyrics and melody section.

'Three stars songs are of the average standard of entries compared to other songs in the contest (NOTE: it should be remembered that the UKSC is well known in the industry to receive a very high standard of entries so three stars is certainly a respectable rating). These are adequately crafted songs but they often have aspects that could be improved with re writing and re working. They show songwriting ability and potential but the judges felt that they could be improved and perhaps made into four or five star songs with some additional work and rethinking. This is still considered by the judges as a positive and encouraging result that should give the writers confidence to keep working on and improving their craft.'

Here is a link to my songs on SoundCloud

I have a sone in the SEMI FINALS as well plus other songs waiting for the results.

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