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Dream Interpretation

Archangel Raphael and Dream Interpretaon

A while back now I was having a really bad day. Everything seemed to be going wrong. Have you ever had a day like that? You get out of bed and immediately everything turns tits up. It was one of those days.

I wondered what on earth was happening because it was not like me to have such a bad day and all day long too. I thought there was something odd going on. I thought there must be some negative energies about, or I must have picked up a negative energy or entity while going about my days during the previous days.

I had spent a whole day doing readings. I had also given healing to someone who had many problems and also had several negative attachments. Had I inadvertently picked up some negative attachments of my own? I wasn't sure, but I knew something was not quite right. I went to bed that night feeling really awful and wondering what on earth to do about it. I said my usual prayers and did my usual cleansing rituals.

During the night I had a strange and very vivid dream in brilliant colour.

I was swimming in a swimming pool. There was a very big and strong man behind me and he was trying to do some kind of life-saving technique on me. But he was drowning me at the same time. My head was just about bobbing on top of the water so that I could gasp for air. This big and muscular man tried to do this several times and each time I was gasping for breath. I woke up.

I wondered what on earth the dream was about. Was it a message to say that I was metaphorically speaking drowning in all that negativity? Then it dawned on me that the message was that I was keeping my head above water. I had prayed for help and guidance on the matters that were bothering me before I went to bed and this dream was the answer. I was just about keeping my head above water.

I then nodded off again and dreamed that the tennis player Raphael Nadal had come through a doorway and said hello to me and then gone away again. He looked very tall, fit, and handsome. He was dressed in a smart suit as if her was going somewhere important to a meeting or some kind of tennis do. He came through the door, which was made of clear glass and smiled at me and then went back again. I woke up.

I wondered what on earth that dream was all about! Then the penny dropped. Raphael Nadal represented Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Raphael is the angel of protection. The message was that I was not protecting myself enough psychically and Archangel Raphael had come to protect me.

Diana Cooper, on her website has a short video about Archangel Raphael and you can say a prayer with her to ask for protection, which I did and the day went beautifully. I felt renewed and full of energy. I also found answers to the things that had been bothering me.

Here is a link to Diana Cooper's page with the video and prayer to Archangel Raphael on it:

If you would like a dream interpretation reading from me, that will be sent to your email address then please purchase a reading from my website. Here is a link to the reading page. Just fill in the form describing your dream in as much detail as you can and I will interpret your dream for you.


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