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First Time Pet Reading

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

A lady asked me for a pet reading.

She had never had a reading before and did not know what to expect.

She had read many blogs and books and watched some videos about animal communication but had never actually asked for a reading before.

Her pet cat had died that week and she was absolutely devastated, as you can imagine.

I did the reading as an email reading as she had requested and I duly sent it off to her.

Almost immediately she replied saying the reading was not at all what she had expected and she had applied to get her money back.

I asked her what was wrong with the reading and she said she had seen adverts for, past, present and future readings and the pet reading was not like that at all.

I explained to this lady that past, present and future readings are generally for humans and not animals and really this did not apply to pets anyway as they live in the 'now'.

Still this lady insisted that the reading was just, basically, ordinary and she wanted her money back.

We exchanged a few emails and she said she wanted to believe that her cat loved her from Heaven but the reading did not give her this evidence.

The cat, in Heaven, had actually said, "I love you."

I replied to her email stating that the cat is highly unlikely to say that it hated her and that she should believe It loved her then and loves her still.

She said she wanted to believe it but could not bring herself to do so.

So many humans do not believe it when they receive a complement. Someone might say, "you look nice in that dress." and then the recipient of the complement will answer "Oh, it is just a little old something I got in the charity shop for a pound." We humans are not used to accepting complements or love.

Often we feel we can give love to a pet but not receive their love - that is unconditionally given to us.

The lady in question also said that the reading could have applied to any animal and any person.

Well, yes, cats meow and clean their whiskers and do - well - cat things. But this cat was offering so much love to its very distraught human.

I do feel that the lady was so distraught at the death of her cat that she wanted absolute proof that it was happy and alive in the spirit world.

One thing I have noticed during my time of giving pet readings is that we humans think as - humans. We do not think from the animal's point of view.

For example a dog may just want to talk about its yellow ball or the sticks you threw it when it was alive. Whereas you might think it will want to talk about the pain in its leg from the cancer.

This is why it can be rather difficult to give out a pet reading.Yes, cats meow and dogs bark and Guinea Pigs squeak but they really do send love to their human companion who is left on the earth plain, often suffering far more than the pet who has passed over the rainbow bridge.

Pets love.

Pets forgive.

Pets do not hold grudges.

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